Massachusetts Weekly Mortgage Rate Lock Advisory

by Rich Vetstein on July 28, 2010

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Our Mortgage Guy, Brian Cav, is back with his Massachusetts weekly mortgage rate report. JUMBO is the name of the game this week.

I have never seen Jumbo Mortgage rates as low as they presently are right now. Absolutely everyone with a loan amount of $523,750 or greater (depends on county) should be reaching out to their Mortgage Banker for updated mortgage pricing, etc. The new home sales helped the stock market post strong gains yesterday, so when stocks advance, their gains come at the expense of higher interest rates. MBS prices are holding steady down near record highs and mortgage rates are holding steady near record lows. This is all I got this week…  absolutely everyone under this beautiful summer sun should at least be attempting to refinancing your current home loan.

The lowest 30 year fixed mortgage rates remain in the 4.25% to 4.625% range. The standard mortgage rate with closing costs is  still at 4.50%, 1 discount point of origination presently can get you 4.375% for qualified borrowers. Borrowers must have a mid FICO credit score of 740 or better and a loan to value of 80% or less.

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Economic Data

Wednesday’s bond market has opened relatively flat even though we saw weaker than expected results in this morning’s economic news and a negative open in stocks. The stock markets are posting minor losses with the Dow and nasdaq down. The bond market is currently up, which will likely improve this morning’s mortgage rates by approximately .125 of a discount point.

The Commerce Department gave us this morning’s important economic news with the release of June’s Durable Goods Orders. They announced a decline of 1.0% in new orders for big-ticket items when analysts were expecting to see a 0.7% increase. This data is known to be volatile from month to month, but this is still a sizable difference. Even if larger, more volatile transportation-related orders were excluded, we would have seen a drop of 0.6%. That was also well short of forecasts, indicating that the manufacturing sector may have been weaker than expected last month. Therefore, this data can be considered favorable for the bond market.

The Federal Reserve will release its Beige Book report at 2:00 PM ET this afternoon. This report is named simply after the color of its cover, but it is considered to be important to the Fed when determining monetary policy during their FOMC meetings. It details economic activity and conditions by region throughout the U.S. Since Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony to Congress last week gave us a recent update, I don’t think we will see any significant surprises in this report. Therefore, we will likely see little movement in mortgage rates as a result of this report.

Also today is the first of this week’s two Treasury auctions that may influence mortgage rates. Today’s sale is the 5-year Note auction while tomorrow brings us the 7-year Note sale. Their results will be posted at 1:00 PM ET both days, so any reaction will come during afternoon hours. If investor interest was strong, the bond market may rally and mortgage rates could move lower later today. However, lackluster demand could lead to bond selling and higher mortgage rates.

There is no relevant monthly or quarterly economic data being posted tomorrow. The Labor Department will post weekly unemployment figures early tomorrow morning, but this data usually has a minimal impact on mortgage rates. Since it tracks only a week’s worth of new claims for unemployment benefits, it takes a large variance from forecasts for the bond market to react enough to influence mortgage pricing. Analysts are expecting to see little change from the previous week’s 464,000 new claims.


If I was closing on a Home Mortgage in the next 0 to 15 Days – LOCK

If I was closing on a Home Mortgage in the next 15 to 30 Days – LOCK

If I was closing on a Home Mortgage in the next 30 to 60 Days – FLOAT

If I was closing on a Home Mortgage in the next 60+ FLOAT

This is only my opinion of what I would do if I were financing a home. It is only an opinion and cannot be guaranteed to be in the best interest of all/any other borrowers.

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