Massachusetts real estate law podcast

I had the pleasure of sitting down for a 1 hour radio interview on real estate law for Money Matters Radio. The podcasts for the show are below. (They are 30 minutes each, so be advised). The hour went by so fast!

There was a funny thing that happened during the interview. My dad was listening, and he texted me during the show, which buzzed my Iphone in my pocket. During a break, I told the host about my dad’s text, and then the host made sure he said “Hi” to my dad over the air. It was pretty funny. Well, without further adieu:

Click this link for Rich Vetstein’s Money Matters Radio Interview on Massachusetts Real Estate Law (Part 1). Topics: The Closing Process, Title Examinations, Title Insurance, Homeowners & Condo Insurance.

Click the link for Part 2 of the Interview. Topics: Real Estate Litigation, Foreclosures, and Short Sales.