The Hyper-Local Real Estate Blog: Become THE Local Expert For Your Market Area

by Rich Vetstein on August 11, 2010

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A hyper-local real estate blog is a blog targeted at a single town, city, neighborhood, or even a subdivision/gated community. By focusing on, and providing content for, one (and only one) geographic area, a hyper local real estate blog can outperform a more broadly targeted website/blog for lead generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why Hyper-Local Blogs Work For Real Estate

The real estate market is extremely saturated with agents who all have static websites and blogs which appeal more to the masses. Using a hyperlocal strategy can help set an agent apart from the sea of agents that are just blogging generally and don’t have a focused SEO strategy.

Today, consumers using search engines are increasingly searching for hyper-local, specific search terms, such as “Brookline, MA places to eat shop” or “Needham MA tennis courts”. A hyper-local blog, if properly managed, can rank high for these hyper-local search terms, even above the restaurants, stores or tennis facilities the consumer was originally searching for. If the consumer clicks on your hyper-local blog, and a trust relationship is created, BINGO, you’re in business and have created a relationship that may result in a lead or referral.

Finally, hyper-local blogging helps build relationships with not only potential buyers and sellers, but other members of the local business community that might provide referrals and other business opportunities. A hyper-local blogger can write restaurant reviews, promote referral partners, the schools, road construction, you name it. A hyper-local real estate blogger can quickly become THE local expert about their community–and that’s exactly where a real estate agent wants to be.

If you are interested in learning more about hyper local blogging, a good place to get started is at

Here is an example of a hyper local blog for Glendale, CA. The Realtor, Kendyl Young, does an innovative series called 365 Things To Do in Glendale, CA where she posts something every day of the year.

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