Controversial Ibanez Foreclosure Case Heading Up To Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

by Rich Vetstein on March 23, 2010

in Foreclosure, Massachusetts Real Estate Law, Mortgage Crisis, Mortgages, Title Defects

Update (July 27, 2010): Oral argument is scheduled for October 7, 2010.

Good news for those eagerly following the controversial U.S. Bank v. Ibanez case, which invalidated thousands of foreclosures across the state. On March 22, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (the highest appellate court in the state) agreed to take the case on direct appellate review (as I originally predicted). This sets the stage for one of the most important real estate decisions in recent years.

The SJC’s acceptance of the case now expedites what will be the final word in this case, good news for everyone affected by this ruling. A final decision, however, is still many months away. Both sides still have to file briefs, and the case will be scheduled for oral argument probably within 4-5 months, with a decision coming several months later. (Appeals take time).

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