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Social media and blogging is a foundation of my marketing plan. It’s been so successful for me that I have always tried to share the benefits with my referral partners — real estate agents and mortgage professionals. Along with my law partner Marc Canner, we started a company dedicated to assisting real estate agents with their own social media. We named the company, HubConnected–a little play on Boston and the theory that social media should be the “hub” of any agent’s marketing platform.

We just shot a new professional promotional video featuring some of our most successful agent-bloggers:

The blogs have been incredibly worthwhile for these agents as well as for the other 20+ other agents in our blogging network. One agent generated $8 Million in new sales revenue last year alone from her blog!

If you are interested in starting a blog or custom Facebook page, please contact Heather Allen at HubConnected ([email protected]) for more information.

I’m always around to bounce ideas off of too! Good luck and keep on truckin’!

Here is the YouTube link to the video.


Richard Vetstein is a social media expert for HubConnected LLC, in addition to being a nationally recognized real estate attorney. Rich was recently selected as a nominee for Inman News’ 100 Most Influential in Real Estate. Rich was a recent speaker at the Social E Conference in Newport, RI sponsored by the Warren Group/Banker & Tradesman.


It’s been a year since we launched this Blog in its current form, and it’s been an amazing year. I remember getting giddy over 30 hits in one day; now we get thousands. Good times.

The fun part about having a Blog is analyzing the statistics, which can be a bit addicting, like when I used to play Strat-O-Matic baseball at overnight camp. So here are some stats crunching from the last year:

  • 274,873 total page views
  • Busiest month: April 2010: 49,145 page views. See below for why.
  • Busiest day: April 15, 2010–4,500 hits. This was tax day, and most people were searching about the Mass. flooding tax extension.
  • 2.9 average pages per visit
  • 20% bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who leave the site after only one page visit–the lower, the better)
  • 2:24: average time on site (shows you only have a limited attention span for readers–keep posts short and to the point).
  • 83% of visitors are new to the Blog
  • 79% of traffic came from search engines; remaining 21% came from link referrals (Facebook, Twitter) and direct traffic
  • Visitors came from as far away as Australia, Brazil, China (got around the censors), India, and Malaysia.

Top Posts For The Year

  1. New Strict FHA Condo Lending Rules Sure To Chill Sales
  2. The Catch 22 Impact Of The New Fannie Mae Condo Rules
  3. There’s Nothing Standard About the Massachusetts Standard Purchase & Sale Agreement
  4. Short Sales Get Boost From Obama Treasury Guidelines

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But Have You Generated Business From Blogging?

Of course, the million dollar question is whether blogging has resulted in leads and business. Without divulging actual numbers, I can say emphatically HELL YEAH! In fact, I estimate that leads generating from this Blog account for at least 40% of all new business development for my firm, the Vetstein Law Group, and to our sister company, TitleHub Closing Services.

It’s an investment in time mostly, but I love to write, I’m a bit of a techie, and I love learning about new things in my industry. If that appeals to you, consider starting a blog, like many of my Realtor and attorney friends have done or are considering now. Plus, the real estate business is very much oriented to online marketing and social media.

I can help you get going.