new MA smoke detector law

This year, please consider purchasing a new photoelectric smoke detector for the kitchen and bathroom areas which is required by the new Massachusetts smoke detector regulations which go into effect on April 5, 2010. The new regulations require that certain properties be equipped with the latest photoelectric smoke detectors which are not as prone to false alarms as older ionization based detectors. Click here for my prior post about these changes.

The law specifically requires photoelectric detectors covering the area within 20 feet of a kitchen or bathroom containing a bathtub or shower. The older ionization detector is prohibited in these places due to their tendency to be set off by steam.

The new regulations only apply to single family homes sold on or after January 1, 2010. But why run the risk? The safety of your family and children should be paramount.

Here’s a great Guide to the smoke detector law put out by the Department of Fire Services.