Judge William Young

Judge William G. Young

I just wanted to pass along a neat story from a colleague evidencing the growing trend of judges turning to law blogs in their research of opinions. Federal Judge William Young spoke yesterday at a real estate bar association meeting about his recent and somewhat controversial opinion in Culhane v. Aurora Loan Servicers which considered the very complex maze that is Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). I covered the case in this blog post.

Judge Young discussed the process by which he and his law clerks “learned the law,” and said it included tuning into “the blogs,” mentioning this blog by name. (My colleagues at Rackemann Sawyer’s Land Use Monitor should also be included). Judge Young also apparently read my post dissecting his ruling, stating that “he calls them the way he sees them,” and “everyone is entitled to their opinion.” I’m flattered that Judge Young would even consider reading this blog, and for lack of a better phrase, I think it’s pretty cool!

With blogs providing timely legal analysis so much faster than the traditional law reviews published by law schools, it’s not surprising that judges such as Judge Young are turning to them as a resource. Kevin O’Keefe of legal blog publisher LexBlog has been tracking such instances for awhile now, and it’s widespread throughout the country, with judges even citing law blogs in written opinions. Lawyers should take note of this when preparing their cases.

I’m happy to be a resource for Massachusetts real estate law. If I can contribute in the slightest way to the administration of justice and the development of our jurisprudence, I am very grateful.