Hurricane Sandy insurance information

Impact on Pending Home Sales and Refinances

Meteorologists are now predicting that early next week Hurricane Sandy will either pass close by or make a direct impact on New England. This storm is potentially huge, rivaling last year’s Hurricane Irene and the Perfect Storm of 1991.

  • If you are closing on a property next week, you may want to consider pushing up the closing to before the hurricane makes landfall on early Tuesday. I realize that may not be possible at this point, but it’s worth a shot.
  • If you have not secured a homeowner’s insurance policy, you should probably wait until the storm passes as most carriers will not write new policies right now.
  • If you are closing on a purchase or refinance after the storm passes — and especially if the Federal Government declares a Federal Disaster Area –be prepared to have a re-inspection of the property before closing. A hurricane considered to be an Act of God and as a result the borrower will be required to pay for any re-inspection fee. These re-inspections range from $125 to $200. You will receive notice from your lender and re-disclosures prior to closing. This will also likely delay your closing
  • If there is substantial damage to a home you are purchasing, you’ll have to look to your purchase and sale agreement as to whether you have a right to pull out of the deal or proceed, provided you get the benefit of any insurance proceeds.

Hurricane Safety Precautions & Information

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  • Plan an evacuation route to the nearest shelter or “safe” area and keep a map handy. During emergencies, shelter locations will announced on the radio.
  • Replenish emergency kits and supplies.
  • Get lots of batteries and flashlights!
  • Secure important documents from possible damage or move to a safe location.
  • Develop a list of important phone numbers.
  • Develop a plan to secure loose objects around the house; trim branches and trees.
  • Ensure that your pets have collars and identification tags.

Prior to the Hurricane:

Secure all loose objects outdoors.

  • Secure all windows using plywood.
  • Fill your vehicle with fuel.
  • Charge all batteries (i.e. phone, lamps, flashlights, radios, etc.)
  • Listen to the emergency broadcasts of the storm.
  • Be prepared to evacuate with emergency supplies to a predetermined location.

During the Hurricane:

Stay in doors and away from windows.  Keep to the center of the building on the ground level.

  • Listen to the emergency broadcast on the radio or television.
  • Turn off all electrical devices and appliances that are not needed.
  • Stay away from coastal waters, rivers, streams or other flooding areas.
  • Do not try to cross flooded areas with your vehicle.
  • Listen for instructions from emergency officials when the storm is over.

Emergency Supplies and Kits:

First aid kit and personal medications

  • Drinking water
  • Ice Chest
  • Lighter, matches and candles
  • Clothing, personal toiletries
  • Sleeping bags and blankets
  • Portable radio and flashlight
  • Extra batteries
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Manual can opener
  • Important documents
  • Quiet games, books, or toys for children

Local Insurance Claims Numbers

Acadia Insurance (800) 691-4966
AIG (Global Energy) (877) 743-7669
Chartis (formerly AIG) Private Client Group 888-760-9195
Andover Companies: Cambridge Mutual & Merrimack Mutual (800) 225-0770
Chubb Group (800) 252-4670
Commerce (800) 221-1605
Fireman’s Fund (888) 347-3428
Great American (888) 882-3835
Guard Insurance Group (888) 639-2567
Hanover Insurance (800) 628-0250
Hartford Insurance (800) 327-3636
Hingham Mutual (After hours claims) (800) 972-5399
Mass. Property Insurance Underwriting (800) 851-8978
Trident (After hours claims) (800) 288-2502
Tower (877) 365-8693
Quincy Mutual (800) 490-0047
Safety Insurance (800) 951-2100
Selective Insurance (866) 455-9969
Splash Program (Emergency Pollution related claims) (866) 577-5274
Splash Program (Emergency Non-Pollution related claims) (800) 746-3835
Travelers Personal lines:
(877) 425-2466
(800) 832-7839
Utica National (800) 216-1420
Vermont Mutual (After hours claims) (800) 445-2330
Zurich/Maryland (800) 565-6295

Good luck!!!!